veggie, fruit and nut fiber all in one

Pulp Pantry was born out of a simple question:
"What happens to the pulp leftover after juicing?"

Our founder, Kaitlin Mogentale, was shocked to discover how much pulp was leftover when she first saw her friend juice a carrot.

She then did a bit of digging and discovered that in most cases, the pulp is thrown away.

On average, 3.5 pounds of pulp are tossed for every pound of juice produced! 

Juice pulp is still a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and most importantly, fiber! We became obsessed with creating products that would ensure none of this perfectly good food went to waste.

And thus, our deliciously creative, small batch snacks took off! 

Beyond "good for you"

The Pulp Pantry mantra: to cultivate stewardship for your body, your community and our collective environment.

Our mission is to create high quality, healthy products that nourish your body while ensuring none of our Earth's valuable resources go to waste.

Pulp Pantry makes better-for-you and better-for-the-Earth the easy, delicious choice!