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so, what's in a bag of pulp anyway?

Did you know that juice pulp contains two-thirds less sugar and all the fiber of whole fresh fruits and vegetables?

At Pulp Pantry, we're using juice pulp to create healthy, craveable and affordable plant-based snacks for the whole family.

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organic fruits and vegetables

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We turn fresh, organic fruits and vegetables into delicious snacks that go where you go - snacks for anytime, any day, anywhere. Our pulp is sourced from local juiceries in Los Angeles, CA. It contains all of the fiber and two-thirds less sugar than whole fresh fruits and vegetables. Now you can enjoy the benefits of eating your veggies in new, delicious forms such as our infamous guilt-free granolas! 

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Where we're located in Los Angeles, we're surrounded by some of the highest quality produce. We source fresh pulp from local juicery partners, processing it raw to preserve their nutritional value in our snacks.

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Whole food ingredients, period. Fruits and vegetables are our focus, the primary ingredients that distinguish our products. We add seeds, nuts, spices and (if needed) wholesome sweeteners such as dates and coconut sugar. We pass down the nutritional benefits of these raw ingredients to you! 

Our products are raw, paleo, refined sugar-free, gluten-free, grain-free, plant-based and vegan, and full of fiber and protein. 


Enjoy our products every which way! 

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whole ingredients turned into whole, delicious foods.