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The Den Meditation Center presents: ALL-NIGHT FULL MOON SOUND BATH IMMERSION

  • The Den Meditation Center (map)

Led by Ram Kirin and accompanied by Guru Bachan, Taylor Barnes & Sukha with Jared May & Kosta Galanopoulos playing music and other Sound Healers

 9:00 pm - 6:00 am  March 11, 2017 - March 12, 2017

– The DEN Meditation’s Spring Equinox Event –

Harness the healing energy of this Full moon.

Join us for an all-night affair filled with meditation and mingling. Then snuggle up and experience the nurturing triple gong sound bathing, eclectic instruments, astrology readings and a fun Bazaar.

This is the perfect time to remove subconscious blocks with an evening filled with regeneration and positivity. Don’t forget your sleeping bag, your favorite comfy blanket or anything else that you’d want to cozy up in.



Pulp Pantry’s mission is to eliminate food waste by turning neglected resources into the healthiest, most delicious handmade foods. Be good to your body, and to the Earth! Pulp Pantry will be serving delicious seed & veggie crackers with locally made raw organic hummus to keep you fueled through the night. Crackers and other snack lines are made from local organic, high-fiber juice pulp.


March 11th
9:00 pm – 6:00am

Price: $80
($90 at the door)


Doors open at: 8:30pm
Meditation begins at 9:00pm

Bring a sleeping bag, yoga mat, pillow or
anything else you like to snuggle in.


The Night includes:

  • Open Meditation with Gong led by Ram Kirin and Guru Bachan
  • Social Hour and Music with Sukha
  • Astrology Readings with Erica Liscano
  • Tasty Snacks
  • Bazaar including: Paintings, Malas, Head Wraps, and Mingle
  • 3:45am- 6am Sadhana (your daily spiritual practice) FREE



Ram Kirin

Ram Kirin has studied under many spiritual masters and it is now his gift to share with the world. Ram Kirin uses the sacred sound of the gong to help rebalance the physical, mental, and emotional state of all who seek its harmony and alignment. “I have a daily feeling of immense gratitude for the guidance that has led me on this path, and as a teacher I feel it is important to help guide the students on their own empowering journey of self.”


Guru Bachan

Guru Bachan brings Sacred Himalayan Singing Bowls from Buddha’s Shakyamuni lineage to attune, harmonize and synchronize you at the cellular level. Personal Singing Bowls at the Crown, Heart, and Third Eye elevate your frequency, bringing you to Theta state while Binaural Beats entrain and activate the brain to expansion and clarity, further activating the Thousand Petal Lotus.


Taylor Barnes

Taylor is an intuitive didgeridoo sound healer who has collaborated with many musicians and healers all over southern California. His connection to the didge was instant and almost a coming home experience for him as he immersed himself in the sounds. Taylor is self taught and is continually fine tuning his skills in not only the didge but also on the guitar and handpan. He currently works with patients with neurological disorders and has experienced firsthand the power of sound / vibrational therapy and wishes to share it with the world.



Sukha is Southern California based husband/wife team Sukhmani and Sukhman. They play live for classes, events and festivals and tour extensively usually with an eclectic mix of players and instruments. Their critically acclaimed mantra album “Rise” was released in March 2016. Sukha exists to help people fall in love with the power and magic of mantra.


Erica Liscano

Erica Marie Liscano is a Star Portal and Oracle known as Fox Fairweather, serving individuals and the collective in connecting to their Highest destiny. Erica will be doing readings throughout the night.




SHEis Organic is founded by three sisters from Southern California who share a legit passion for feminine hygiene and organic living. Products are delivered directly to your door each month. Convenience you can count on.


Soulful Alchemmy

Soulful Alchemmy custom creates reiki charged sugar and coffee body scrubs based on various intentions. Founder Emily Pogany will be selling scrubs, and with every purchase you can receive a free 10-15 min reiki session during the event.


My Intent

MyIntent Project is a catalyst for meaningful conversations and positive energy. We believe there is purpose inside each of us and we want our efforts to encourage people to share more truth and inspiration with each other. We are not a jewelry company – we are an intentions project.


Torri Labs

Torii Labs works with incredible doctors and health experts to develop tonics that redefine what it is to be truly vital – acknowledging that a body and mind in balance are what allows the regeneration and deep focus required for us to fully engage in life and perform at our best.


Lisa Robyn Deutsch

Lisa is a spiritual photographer and has been shooting for over 25 years. The essence of her photography is seeing the beauty in simplicity, feeling the energy of love, faith and peace and the beauty in the world around her. Her company Soulful Design creates beautiful prints, wallpaper, bedding, rugs, and jewelry with sacred affirmations!