The Good Gifting Principles

The holiday season isn’t just about giving your loved ones more STUFF. We all want to give gifts that properly show our love and appreciation and will also be enjoyed by the recipient. Of course, gift giving can be really stressful. It takes a lot of time, effort and consideration. And more often than not, that holiday party or family gathering rolls around much too quickly, leaving you feeling…. unprepared, rushed, and underwhelmed with your options.

Finding something for the one who has everything? Just the thought makes stress levels creep up a few notches. Finding something thoughtful for each of your unique friends? Where do you even start?!

At Pulp Pantry, we’re making gift-giving more sustainable, stress-free and delightful. Our gifts are 100% sure to never be RE-GIFTED. Don’t lie, we know you’ve pulled that one before (it's okay, we have, too).

That's why we created this quick and easy guide with tips for how to make this year's shopping a breeze.

good gifting principles: 3 ways to find gifts that will never be regifted

Principle 01.

celebrate individuality

We all want to be appreciated for who we are. Buy gifts that show consideration for all the unique individuals in your life, that show them why they're so darn special to you. That's what gift giving is all about!

Put the principle in action:

  1. Think about your friend or family member’s interests. Which influencers do they follow on Instagram? Go to their favorite blogger pages and search their site for products they recommend. Many bloggers share holiday gift guides, so search "[Blogger Name] gift guide" on Google and see what you find. You might even score some holiday deals!
  2. What does the person you're shopping for value? What do they talk about all the time? What causes do they support? Come up with a few keywords to search. And blast away on Google. For example, search "sustainable gifts," "healthy gifts," "foodie gifts," or "fitness gifts." 

We guarantee your friends and family will appreciate you for putting in that extra effort and thought and not just cluttering up their lives with more "stuff."

Principle 02.

Opt for one-of-a-kind finds by supporting local artisans

tip 02 good gifting principles

Not only will you feel good connecting to the makers behind quality goods and supporting their craft (rather than the mass-produced, conveyor belt-style alternatives), but the lucky recipient gets to feel special about receiving a one-of-a-kind gift!

Put the principle in action:

  1. Search Instagram using the following hashtags: #maker #makersgonnamake #makersmovement . You’re bound to find some amazing gift ideas and inspiring makers! Supporting the people who create with intention and care is the best way to make sure that your gifts deliver the same.
  2. Think about a favorite road trip or place you and your loved one went to together. Give a gift from that place to commemorate your shared memory!

Principle 03.

Put a DIY spin on it

You don’t have to be a super crafty artist to give a creative gift. Trust us, it's easier than it sounds! Make a DIY gift that’s clever and quick, but is sure to become a memorable collectible for the recipient.

Put the principle in action:

  1. Use to make fun labels, and support your local print shop by making your own original designs, cards or tags for gifts.

  2. Take a look at Pinterest for other fun DIY holiday gifts— homemade coconut body butter, anyone?
  3. Buy a candle or any one-size-fits-all gift (it was the first thing that came to our minds…) and replace the label with your own clever take (see tip #1). Maybe you name the candle after the lyric of their favorite song. Or their favorite food. It’s a low-fi way to share a few laughs :)

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gifts that will never be re-gifted

(because they're too darn tasty!) 

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