Healthy Breakfasts in a pinch with @hannah.guthman

 E-book by influencer & food stylist Hannah Guthman

In this e-book, Hannah offers a delicious, healthy, and colorful way to start the day with recipes featuring wholesome, nutritious ingredients (including Pulp Pantry granola)!

Recipes include:

  • Holiday Fudge Brownie,

  • Persimmons with refined sugar-free, added oil-free, paleo Pulp Pantry Granola, and

  • Sweet Potato Bowl. 

About Hannah

Hannah Guthman is a content creator, recipe developer, copywriter and freelance photographer based out of Los Angeles. She recognized her passions for people and conversation while studying Communication and Business at the University of California, San Diego, and upon receiving her degrees in both fields, she set out to turn these passions into living, working, creative practices.

Hannah primarily focuses on developing subject matter as it relates to health, well-being, slow-living and nutrient-dense food, and it is reflected in her collaborations and work for other brands, social channels, and media platforms. She is passionate about living a life full of balance, and firmly believes that routine laughter is essential for
nourishing the mind, heart + spirit.

Healthy snacking starts here.

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