Pulp Pantry Beet Chocolate Muffins

If you don't already have your own Pulp Pantry baking mix, get one here! 

Small Muffin Mix (Pint) Instructions:

Above: instructions for our small size muffin mix.

Try adding chocolate chips in the mix for double chocolate goodness!

Large Muffin Mix (Quart) Instructions:

more creative ideas! 

Check out www.pulppantry.com/pulp-culture/beetpancakes to learn how to turn your baking mix into a delicious cinnamon-spiced, chocolatey pancake.

Or head to  www.pulppantry.com/pulp-culture/pulpcookies and learn how to make crunchy or chewy beet chocolate chip cookies! 

We hope you enjoy experimenting and creating your own recipes as well. Don't forget to share them with us - tag @ pulppantry on Instagram, twitter, or facebook!