Pulp Pantry featured in LA Weekly!

There's a wonderful back story to this article. In one of my last semesters at University of Southern California, I was lucky enough to be in an entrepreneurship class with some incredibly bright students. The topic of the class: Feasibility Analysis. I came in with the idea for Pulp Pantry, unsure about whether the business model (which I'd begun to develop inside of my head) would be fit for the real world. 

One of these bright students was Maral Tavitian, the author of the LA Weekly Article. We worked together to give feedback on our entrepreneurial ideas, and reconnected again this fall. She's been there since my start in the farmer's market back at USC (January 2016 - May 2016), and has tried all of the Pulp iterations since those beginnings. It's amazing to see things come full circle, and to have her published in LA Weekly with our story! 

Here it is - for you to read & hear more about our story and what it's like to Pulp on the day to day:

- Kaitlin Mogentale